Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


As soon as you enter an event we like any other event company start to incur costs.  This includes venues, equipment and in most cases local authorities with most charging a fee per compettitior.

We run a 28 cooling off period after you enter .  You are eligible for a full refund within the 28 days cooling off period from the date of entering.

This however will be subject to a 25% admin fee.

Please Note: The cooling off period does not apply where a booking is made within 28 days of the event date.

Any withdrawals after the 28 days cooling off period will not be eligible for a refund.

Due to the nature of sporting events we are unable to make exceptions for injuries, illness etc 

However we to are Trail Runners and understand what can happen during training for events and  we maybe able to come to some sort of solution (see below on deferrals) where we can with regards to any sporting injury providing medical proof can be shown.

Payment Plan

Where we offer a payment plan for some of our multi-day events.  if you take up this option then there is no refund, transfers or exchanges.


Under no circumstances do we allow places to be transferred to another person.

Places can be deferred to another event but only in the event of a valid injury or medical emergency.  Places cannot be deferred "just for the sake of it", or you fancy doing a different event on the same date.

We at Red Kite Trail Events believe that our long distance races and events, that includes our Cani-Trail events are excellent value for money and in most cases hard to beat.

Dogs & Cani-Trail

Cani-Trail is usually over tough terrain such as hill or mountain and a longer distance than normal dog running events (such as canicross).   At all our events we either have a veterinary professional on immediate emergency call out or on site for the duration of the event.

No dog is to be entered into any of our events under 12 months old.  Where a dog is borderline and depending on the breed we may refuse entry to a dog with the Event Directors decision being final.

You are to use the following mandatory equipment in our Cani-Trail events:(this includes events if we allow dog entrants)

  • Non Restrictive Harness for the dog  - One that does not restrict the movement of the dogs shoulders and may cause an issue to the sternum area - If in doubt please contact us for advice.

  • Waistbelt for the Human

  • Bungee Line - attached from waist-belt to the dogs harness

Dogs are not to be free run at any time during our events.

Feaces is to be cleaned up at all times and anywhere on the trail (however remote). It is to be Bagged and disposed of in a professional and proper manner.  We have bins at checkpoints and at race HQ along with in our communal walking areas on our sites.

We allow bitches in season - As we do not have mass starts you can start at the rear.   Please contact us beforehand and we will make others aware of this.

Indivdiuals shouting excessively at or showing disregard for a dogs safety on route will be disqualified and banned from our Cani-Trail events.   


Cani-Trail should be enjoyable for both you and the dog and giving you (the Team) of completing something awesome.


We have a number of entrants with dogs of all shapes, sizes, breeds along with a whole host of issues and history and backgrounds.   Please be respectful if you are advised by another entrant about their dog.

Please DO NOT FEED your dog at least a minimum of two hours prior to the event starting.  If you do feed prior to the evnt start time then ensure that if it is a slow eater then take it away as soon as possible.

If you do feed your dog on route then please ensure that this is not excessive and in large quantities and at your own risk.

Water - all our routes are designed to have water on the trail for both drinking and  "dipping".  Where this may not be possible large bowls will be provided at Checkpoints.

DO NOT force water on your dog and let it drink excessively.  This can have an adverse effect as much as over feeding.   Let your dog decide.   

If you have any concerns before, during or after the event then contact us at Race HQ or the on site event Vet.

We take all our events serious, especially when it concerns the welfare of our k9 competitors or entrants.  As of 30th November 2019 we will be bringing in new measure and checks for our longer events along with the following guidelines ready for our awesome 2020 events.

  • Cani-Trail & Ultra Marathon  - At Registration you will be asked to provide your dogs birth & microchip details.  This will be scanned by a marshal and checked.   This is to ensure that no dogs are entered under age

  • Ultra Marathon - You ensure your dog checked by a veterinary professional a minimum of 3 months prior to the start date and bring evidence of this at registration.  This should have a practice stamp and clearly dated.

Note - You are entering events that are of an extreme nature and in all weathers.  For all our other events we advise you to get your dog checked by a Veterinary professional  - It is better to be safe than sorry.

  • Vaccinations - we are aware that not everyone vaccinates their dog or with the Kennel cough vaccine in the UK.    Red Kite Trail Events or Cani-Trail UK will not be responsible should you attend and your dog contracts anything after attending our events due to either non vaccination.

  • Spot Checks - on the odd occasion you may be asked by the Vet on route about your dog.  Please be respectful and answer any questions this may only take a couple of seconds.  

Route Changes / Natural Disasters

We reserve the right to change the routes at anytime.  This however will be under exceptional circumstances (Fire or unsafe conditions  etc)

If any event is cancelled due to and "act of God" or "Natural Disaster" then no refunds will  be offered.

NEW INFORMATION AS OF 11/03/2020 20:00hrs


As of the above date there is no plans to cancel events and large public gatherings in the UK. Other countries have stopped events of either 500 / 1,000 people attending.   in the event the UK does go to another stage then we will review it as advised.

Based on the information available at present events will be "Postponed"  rather than "Cancelled".

We will review the Covid - 19 Information on a Daily Basis and make announcements.

Dis-qualification from the event

We care about our environment.  Any individual purposely seen throwing litter, gel packets or anything else on the trail / route will be dis-qualified with immediate effect.

There are litter bins provided at the start / finish and at all checkpoints.

Any individual that does not have the required kit you are asked to carry will not be allowed to start 

The kit list is there for a reason - its your safety!!  If any individual is seen disposing of any of the required kit before or during the event then they will be dis-qualified with immediate effect.

Routes are marked unless specified prior.  You are to keep to the marked route at all times.  Short cuts or taking an easier way is cheating and you are only cheating your self.

Marshals will be doing spot checks of individual runners during all our events.

Marshals are there for your safety.  They are all volunteers and give up their valuable time to attend these events and without them we could not function.

Any individual with an issue with any marshal due to a marshal eg- Mrashal asking for a kit check will be dis-qualified form the event.

We aim to make these events fun but testing for everyone - whether you are an experienced Trail runner or complete novice.


It is a Trail Running event in possibly bad weather.  All our routes are mainly off road and on trails that cover all terrain.  Where the route may cross or go near roads then signage or marshals maybe in place.  It is the individuals own responsibility to take extra care and be vigilant in these areas.

Whilst we will endeavor to check the route for any safety issues and risk assess the route where possible we cannot be held responsible for any injuries occurred before , during or after the event.   We will have trained medical staff on hand with emergency evacuation and escalation procedures in place at all times during all our events.

We cannot be held responsible for any existing medical conditions or illness  injury caused by not declaring these conditions or medication at registration.

Please feel free to e mail us with any questions and we will be happy to answer them where we can.  Any e mail is dealt with in the strictest of confidence.



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