Red Kite Trail  Events organise a series of off road  trail running races in and around South Wales.


Our aim is to bring you affordable Trail running along with the longer distance dog running events.

We are experienced Trail & Ultra Marathon runners participating in many events worldwide. 


 In addition we are also Cani--crossers and especially experienced in running long distance events with our own K9 partners, so for our dog events know what is required when you enter with your K9 pals.

It is this experience that we bring to Red Kite Trail Events, putting our own stamp on them.



Cani-Trail is similar to the sport of Cani-Cross (a form of Trail running with your dog) attached by bungee line, harness and waist belt.   That is were it ends in Cani-Trail its over longer distances and usually over hillier or mountain terrain.  

We looked at and participated in various Cani-Trail events in Europe and are excited to bring it to the UK & in particularly Wales.

You can run it or trek it and at Cani-Trail there are no chasing fast cut -offs like you would attached to a human event.

We encourage all breeds and fitness abilities and we want everyone to finish.  In all our Cani-Trail events we have medals for all finishers so everyone is a winner when you cross through the Red Kite archway, knowing you and your dog have completed and awesome task.

At Red Kite Trail Events we are experienced in this area and are on hand at all times during our events with advice and encouragement.


For more details on how to enter our Cani-Trail events please click on the relevant event in the Menu section.

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